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Gone Fishing Snow Globe

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Giant Tuna Claims Fisherman as Prize Trophy

In a startling display of fishy dominance, a giant tuna has claimed a local fisherman as its prize, holding him up like a trophy for all to see.

According to witnesses, the fisherman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was out on his boat early one morning when he hooked the massive tuna. However, instead of reeling in his catch, the tuna had other plans.

With incredible strength and determination, the giant tuna fought back, towing the fisherman and his boat out to sea. The fisherman, who was reportedly shouting for help, became the center of an epic battle as he tried to free himself from the tuna's fins.

But in the end, the tuna emerged victorious, claiming the fisherman as its prize and holding him up like a trophy. The fisherman, who was reportedly dazed but unharmed, was forced to accept his fate and pose for photos alongside his captor.

"It was like something out of a nightmare," said the fisherman. "I never thought I'd end up as a trophy for a giant tuna."

The giant tuna, meanwhile, has become a sensation among local fishermen, who are eager to catch the elusive creature. Some have even started calling it the "King of the Sea," and are in awe of its strength and determination. 

Globe: Mouth-blown glass | Purified Water | Glycerine | Ethylene Glycol (anti-freeze)

Sculpture & Base: Hand-cast resin | Hand Painted

Even though there's a small amount of natural antifreeze (ethylene glycol) to help from turning it into an ice globe, you should still keep it above freezing temperatures. In other words, don't put it in the freezer or take it with you shopping on the tundra.

Do not leave in direct sunlight, as the magnification effect could cause a fire.

Introducing the "Gone Fishing" snow globe, a humorous and playful piece that celebrates the thrill of the catch. The hand-painted figures inside the mouth-blown glass globe show a giant tuna holding a fisherman upside down like a prized fishing trophy, representing the excitement and victory of a successful fishing trip. Made from high-quality cast resin, the figures are beautifully crafted and bring the scene to life. This snow globe is the perfect gift for fishing enthusiasts and sportsmen alike and is sure to bring a chuckle to anyone's face. Get your hands on the "Gone Fishing" snow globe and celebrate the joy of fishing today!