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About Us

In the heart of bustling London, hidden among its architectural wonders and meandering streets, lies a story that few know, but all should. A tale that harks back to the unpredictable mists of time and one rogue penguin at the famed London Zoo.

It was the early '90s when a young zookeeper started his tenure at the penguin habitat of the London Zoo. The penguins, with their quirky mannerisms and tuxedo-like appearances, captivated visitors from around the world. But amidst the flock, there was one that stood out - not for its beauty or charm but for its eccentricity.

This was not your ordinary penguin. While its peers glided gracefully in the water and marched in unison on land, this one had an untamed spirit. It was wild, unpredictable, and, as events would soon unfold, a little... demented.

One fateful day, during a routine feeding session, this penguin displayed a behavior no one had ever seen. It broke formation, darting wildly, and with a fierce look in its eyes, began chasing the unsuspecting zookeepers. Flippers flailing, beak snapping, it became the stuff of zoo lore. It was this bizarre incident that the zookeeper recounted to his friend, Rex, over a pint at a local pub, branding the bird as the "demented penguin."

Fast forward a few years (ok, 30), and Rex, a craftsman and lover of all things unusual, had been toying with the idea of starting a business. He wanted to make snow globes - not just any snow globes but ones that captured the oddities and wonders of the world. Recalling that hilarious yet slightly terrifying story from the zoo, the perfect brand name was born: Demented Penguins.

Thus began the journey of a unique company that created snow globes unlike any other. These aren't your typical serene winter scenes. Instead, each one holds a peculiar, surreal tableau. From a deer seeking his revenge on a hunter, to a cat tossing a live toaster into his master’s bath, each globe is an embodiment of wild imagination, a slice of an alternate reality.

The success of Demented Penguins can be attributed to its eccentricity and the charming legend of that one rogue penguin from the London Zoo. Today, each snow globe serves as a reminder that in a world striving for order and normalcy, a little bit of dementedness can lead to a lot of magic.