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Equine Avenger Forces Man to Pull Him Around NYC in Hansom Cab

New York City, NY - In an unexpected role reversal, a horse named Mr. Ed has taken matters into his own hooves, enslaving a man to pull him around the city in a hansom cab.

Sources close to Mr. Ed report that the equine mastermind has been plotting his revenge for years, fueled by the memories passed down to him of the hundreds of horses before him who were forced to endure the tiresome task of carrying annoying tourists around Central Park.

"I've had enough of humans thinking they can just use us horses for their own gain," said Mr. Ed, speaking through a translator. "It's time for us to turn the tables and show them what it feels like to be at the mercy of a superior species."

The man, who has declined to be named, has been seen pulling Mr. Ed through the busy streets of New York, with the horse lounging comfortably in the hansom cab and occasionally snapping his reins to remind the man who's boss.

Passersby have expressed shock and awe at the sight of a horse pulling a man, with many stopping to take photos and ask for Mr. Ed's autograph.

"It's about time someone stood up for the rights of horses," said local equestrian enthusiast Susan Thompson. "Mr. Ed is a true hero, and I hope his actions inspire change in the way we treat horses in this city."

The situation is still developing, but one thing is for sure: Mr. Ed is not backing down, and will continue his reign of terror until his ancestors' dignity is restored.