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Bambi's Revenge Snow Globe

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Bambi Goes Ballistic: Timid Fawn Unleashes Fury on Hunter

The beloved forest icon Bambi has turned from a timid and innocent fawn into a vengeful vigilante, seeking retribution against the man who took his mother away.

According to sources close to the situation, Bambi was lurking in the shadows of a snow-covered forest, armed with a deer rifle that he found in a nearby cabin. The hunter, who had been tracking a majestic stag through the wilderness, was taken by surprise as Bambi emerged from the underbrush, his eyes blazing with anger and determination.

"You took my mother away from me," Bambi snarled, as he aimed the rifle at the hunter. "And now, it's time for you to pay the price."

The hunter, stunned by the sudden attack, stumbled backwards in terror, but Bambi was relentless.

"You thought you could just come into my home and take what you wanted, without consequences?" Bambi continued, as he tightened his grip on the rifle. "Well, think again."

The hunter, desperate for a way out, tried to reason with the young deer, explaining that it was just a mistake, and that he didn't mean to hurt anyone. But Bambi was having none of it.

"No excuses," Bambi spat, as he squeezed the trigger. "You took my mother away, and now you must face the consequences."

In the end, the hunter was left lying in the snow, defeated and broken, as Bambi disappeared into the wilderness, his quest for revenge finally fulfilled.

Globe: Mouth-blown glass | Purified Water | Glycerine | Ethylene Glycol (anti-freeze)

Sculpture & Base: Hand-cast resin | Hand Painted

Even though there's a small amount of natural antifreeze (ethylene glycol) to help from turning it into an ice globe, you should still keep it above freezing temperatures. In other words, don't put it in the freezer or take it with you shopping on the tundra.

Do not leave in direct sunlight, as the magnification effect could cause a fire.

Based on the 1923 novel "Bambi, a Life in the Woods", this original scene imagines what would happen if the traumatized young deer grew up to avenge his mother's death against the hunter who caused it. Featuring hand-painted characters, the snow globe presents a snow-covered, wintry scene with the now-adult Bambi facing off against the hunter.

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Great Product

So beautiful! First Christmas with our baby so his dad will love this very thoughtful gift. Amazing quality & quick delivery highly recommend

Amazing product!

Excellent customer service and super speedy delivery for a birthday gift. Thank you so much.

Great product

Fast and serious, I recommend this seller. Beautiful original thing.

Love these!

Excellent quality. Can’t wait to give as a gift. Very quick delivery too

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The quality is perfect and the service is second to none. Absolutely amazing. I’m so grateful.