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Lambs' Picnic Snow Globe


Man Watches in Horror as Lambs Feast on His Missing Leg at Picnic Table

In a truly bizarre turn of events, a man who accidentally amputated his left leg found himself watching in horror as two lambs feasted on it at a nearby picnic table. The man, who has not been named, was reportedly attempting to fix a fence on his property when he got his leg caught in a machine. In his attempts to free himself, the man accidentally amputated his own leg.

Stunned and in shock, the man stumbled over to a nearby picnic table, where he was horrified to see two lambs calmly munching on his severed limb. According to witnesses, the lambs were "seemingly unfazed" by the man's distress and continued to enjoy their unexpected feast.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing," said the man. "Here I was, lying on the ground in agony, and these two lambs were just sitting there eating my leg like it was a picnic lunch."

The man was eventually rescued by paramedics and taken to the hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. However, it was too late to save his leg, which had already been devoured by the two lambs.

The incident has caused a stir among local residents and animal rights activists, who are calling for an investigation into the matter. Some are questioning whether the lambs were adequately supervised and are calling for stricter regulations on the handling of farm animals.

Globe: Mouth-blown glass | Purified Water | Glycerine | Ethylene Glycol (anti-freeze)

Sculpture & Base: Hand-cast resin | Hand Painted

Even though there's a small amount of natural antifreeze (ethylene glycol) to help from turning it into an ice globe, you should still keep it above freezing temperatures. In other words, don't put it in the freezer or take it with you shopping on the tundra.

Do not leave in direct sunlight, as the magnification effect could cause a fire.

The animals have taken over, and there's no way you can escape their grasp. In this unique snow globe, a man on crutches stands helpless as two hungry lambs seated at a picnic table feast on his leg, served to them on a platter. Each character is painted by hand and is an unusual conversation piece.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Kaisa Gonsalves
Awesome gift

Got this for my guy who happens to think sheep are funny and caters to the creepy. He was highly amused by the gift, and my sister was as well when she saw it. She’s planning to buy one now as well!

Taj S.
Quirky & Fun

I stumbled upon an ad for this snowglobe & immediately burst out laughing! I absolutely love the uniqueness & warped humor of it all. I ended up getting three of the Demented Penguin snowglobes and have them prominently display in my living room.

Brenda from MS.
Love It!

Got this for my hubby as a Christmas gift because his favorite meals are made from lamb, e.g., chops or leg of lamb! He loved it! Thx.

Diana Mark
It was a Christmas gift and the recipients loved it.

Only for people with an odd sense of humor! They loved it!

Awesome Gift

I bought this baahhhd boy as a gift for a family member. They said they have to keep it hidden to keep other family members from stealing it. Now that's demented!